Website Design

A custom website means that we will create a complete design that not only is unique to your business, but also it will stand out in your industry. We will make certain you receive everything you desire and more out of your custom website design.

Website Programming

We will build your custom website application using the latest web technologies using a combination of PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML and xHTML, and CSS. We'll put our almost a decade of professional website programming experience to work building your website to meet and exceed your unique needs. Some of the benefits of our approach include security (well-written custom code is much harder to hack than third-party systems such as WordPress and Joomla), ease of use (your administration system won't contain a bunch of confusing stuff you don't want or need), and a website that doesn't look like a copy of your competition's.

Search Engine Optimization

If no one can find your website, there's not much point in having one. We work with seasoned SEO professionals who will bring your website out of obscurity and move you up near the top of the search results. And the more people find your site, the more business you will have.

Website Hosting

There are a lot of hosting providers out there today, and most of them have really great ad campaigns that make them look like the best there is. But after years of dealing with a number of web hosts, we've discovered that many of them fall very short of their hype. Some of the really popular ones tend to place too many sites on one server, making your site load very slowly and losing valuable business. Others set up their web servers in ways that make it difficult for your developers to work with. Recently, one of our clients' sites was down for nearly two whole weeks due to a server issue their host showed no interest in fixing. We moved their site to one of our servers. They are now up and running with no further problems. As a side note, they're paying less with us. Click here to learn more.

Let's Get Started!

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