About Us

Who Are We?

Living Sounds Web Development is a Christian-owned web development service which provides professional website solutions using PHP, Flash, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, SEO, SEF, and other web technologies to produce winning dynamic websites.

A portion of your invoice helps support the ministry, which reaches around the world and changes lives through various web venues, including a virtual 3-D world community with millions of members, weekly newsletters and podcasts, and other web-related outreach methods.

Here are a few of our "family" members.

ben_faust.jpgBenjamin Faust - Programmer

Benjamin Faust programs in PHP, JavaScript (including AJAX), CSS, and HTML. He has prior experience in QuickBasic, JavaScript, and Perl.

He and his wife Jennifer founded and pastor the first active church and ministry in Second Life, called ALM CyberChurch, which also offers a weekly newsletter and podcast of the weekly worldwide services.


Jennifer Faust - Quality Assurance Specialist

jen_faust.jpgJennifer Faust is our QA specialist. She makes sure everything is working like it should. She also fills other vital roles, 

and helps everything run smoothly.

She is a creative writer and the Women's Pastor at ALM CyberChurch. Her dreams are to become a mother and a published author. She loves to laugh and is quite talented at causing others to join her. She says, "I'd like to have a cat or some kind of pet someday, preferably NOT a snake!" Jen is active at her local church, Potter's House Worship Center in Harrisonburg, VA, cleaning and helping lead one of the programs for children.


Graphic Designers

We hand-pick professionals in various fields from all around the world to meet your individual needs. All work we perform for you must meet our high standards of excellence which we strive daily to exceed.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us live using the Live Chat feature at the left and bottom right of this page, or click the Contact link in the menu to send us an e-mail.